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Eitmam Land has completed its customer service in all departments and ministries

Procedures for the residence and visas of investors

  تأشيرات الإقامات البطاقة الصحية بطاقة هوية الإمارات...

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Accommodation procedures

تأشيرات وإقامات الخدم المنزلي والسائقين تأشيرات وإقامات العائلة...

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Visa procedures and workers’ residence

بطاقة هوية الإمارات تصريح الدخول بطاقة وعقد العمل...

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Commercial license procedures

تجديد الرخصة التجارية تعديل الرخص التجارية إلغاء الرخص...

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Other Services

  تقوم اتمام لاند بخدمة عملائها في جميع...

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Completion of Land is a leading national institution established to serve the business community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, offering them a number of services aimed at this community including public and government institutions and the private sector, as well as facilitating the transactions of individuals and adding real value to their work and daily needs.
“Land Land has always been able to build a long-term relationship with all international and local institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to always have the highest level of expertise and capabilities. To succeed in the success of holidays and future opportunities

We have become the best choice since we adopted the slogan “We strive to achieve”